LACOL 2020 Summer Data Science Panel

Session: LACOL 2020 Summer Data Science Panel
Date and Time: June 22, 1:00pm-2:30pm Eastern
Discussion Leads: Ella Foster-Molina (Swarthmore College)Monika Hu (Vassar College), Moataz Khalifa (Washington and Lee University), Steven J. Miller (Williams College), Natalia Toporikova (Washington and Lee University)

Now in its second year, Introduction to Data Science is a fully-online summer class co-taught by a multi-campus LACOL team. The class is designed as a collaborative, socially relevant, discussion-oriented online classroom experience in the style of liberal arts colleges.

Student demand and demonstrable learning gains through the online summer class propel this LACOL experiment and project forward. A driving question for the team remains: how can liberal arts learning best be achieved online?  Tune into this panel discussion to hear directly from the data science faculty on their course design and the lessons learned – many insights proving useful when times demand flexible course delivery.