Data Science Gateway – Summer 2022

8.5 week summer data science intensive, fully online

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Course Information – Summer 2022:

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Course Site:

  • Course Site (LMS):  (registration required)
  • RStudio Server: (registration required)
  • DataCamp: DataCamp Dashboard (registration required)
  • Slack Chat: (registration required)
DataCamp_Icon_RGB-5ad6ebb31fc69ac1ad46cc881cb7a755d48db00d6aa192f91c3cf96bb3b7607fThis class is generously supported by DataCamp for the Classroom. Enrolled students will have free access to DataCamp videos and exercises during the summer term.

Meet the Summer Course Instructors (Course Staff Bios):

Monika Hu, Vassar College Basic Coding and Data Transformation; Student Project Mentor
Moataz Khalifa, Albion College Data Science and Society; Exploratory Data Analysis; Student Project Mentor
Steven J. Miller, Williams College Linear Regression
Natalia Toporikova, Washington and Lee University Data Modeling; Student Project Mentor
Ahra Wu, Hamilton College Data Visualization, Student Project Mentor

Course Description:

In summer 2022 an 8.5 week intensive course, Introduction to Data Science, is offered to students through an innovative liberal arts (LACOL) partnership.  This team-taught class is designed to introduce students to the concepts, theory, and practice of modern data science. Students will learn a range of skills for working with real-world data that apply to many fields of study, research, citizenship, and life.  No prior data acumen or coding experience is required, but a foundation in algebra and calculus is strongly recommended.

This course is open to students in the Liberal Arts Collaborative for Digital Innovation (LACOL), a partnership of Amherst College, Bowdoin College, Bryn Mawr College, Carleton College, Davidson College, Hamilton College, Haverford College, Swarthmore College, Vassar College, Washington and Lee University, and Williams College.
learning objectives

Flexible Learning in a Fully Online Class:

Summer students do not need to be resident on their campus during the term, but every student must have daily access to a computer and reliable, high speed internet. Lectures, assignments, data labs, and projects will be conducted in a fully supported, virtual classroom environment with a mix of synchronous (scheduled) and asynchronous class sessions, breakouts, supported work-time, and online office hours.  See FAQ and course policies above for more information.

Registration Opens March 1st, 2022!  

If you are a student at a LACOL campus, contact your Liaison or Registrar for more information about enrollment and eligibility. You may be able to receive college credit through your home institution.

Institution Course Info Contact Enrollment Contact
Amherst College A. Honig A. Honig
Bowdoin College TBA TBA
Bryn Mawr College J. Spohrer J. Spohrer
Carleton College TBA E. Farley
Davidson College L. Heyer A. Dewberry
Hamilton College C. Beck K. Friedel
Haverford College J. Keane J. Keane
Swarthmore College TBA TBA
Vassar College J. Hu C. Mallet
Washington and Lee University N. Toporikova K. Robinson
Williams College S. J. Miller K. Dunlop