Information for LACOL members

Getting involved:

Internal Collaboration Tools / Group Forums:

Active & Engaged Reading
Effective Teaching & Learning
Data Science+
Language Learning Resource
Quantitative Skills Working Group

Faculty Advisory Council:

The Faculty Advisory Council is comprised of two faculty members from each campus.   The Council representatives provide strategic guidance to the consortium and also serve as local points of contact on each campus.

Current Faculty Advisory Council Members:

Institution Representative
Amherst College Pat O’Hara
Ingrid Nelson
Bryn Mawr College Mark Matlin
Anjali Thapar
Carleton College Andrew B. Fisher
Aaron Swoboda
Davidson College Jane Mangan
Erland Stevens
Hamilton College Cat Beck
Jessica Burke
Haverford College Fran Blase
Richard Freedman
Swarthmore College Jean-Vincent Blanchard
Vassar College Ben Ho
Lioba Gerhardi
Washington and Lee University Paul Youngman
Moataz Khalifa
Williams College Kasumi Yamamoto
Mihai Stoiciu