Summer Data Science Class – Gallery and Report (2019)

Student Data Science Video Gallery – Summer 2019

[9:05] A. Chunnananda (Vassar College), R. Hageboeck (Washington and Lee University)

[5:46] L. Bozzone (Vassar College), G. Gerig (Davidson College), T. Soutendijk (Swarthmore College)

[7:57] K. Liu (Williams College), B. Ortiz (Davidson College)

**Sample videos edited for brevity

In Summer 2019, LACOL offered an 8-week, intensive online course, Introduction to Data Science.  The following reports describe the course design, project execution, outcomes and lessons learned:

— Summer Data Science Reports —


Executive Summary: LACOL Summer Data Science 2019 – Executive Summary

Full Report: LACOL Summer Data Science 2019 – Report and Lessons Learned


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