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Working Group on Quantitative Skill

LACOL’s Quantitative Skills Group is focused on providing students with the preparation they need to engage in quantitative reasoning across the disciplines. In addition, the group is exploring ways our network may enrich opportunities for advanced study and collaborative faculty-student research.

Activities and Interests of this group include:

  • Study group for ongoing dialogue about emerging pedagogies for liberal arts teaching and learning for the quantitative disciplines; comparing campus data
  • Collecting and sharing of online and adaptive  tools and resources to support student learning
  • Experiment with online communities and peer networks to support students and peer tutors
  • Opportunities to connect faculty and students for upper level learning through online exchange
Quantitative Skills Intranet Home:

LACOL members survey: If you are faculty or staff at one of the eight LACOL campuses with an interest in joining this group, please complete this SURVEY OF INTEREST (QS) or contact the group lead for more information.

Group Contact: Liz Evans (