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Panel: Teaching Online in the Liberal Arts

Session: Teaching Online in the Liberal Arts

  • Melissa Eblen-Zayas, Professor of Physics and Director, Perlman Center for Learning and Teaching, Carleton College
  • Erland Stevens, Professor of Chemistry, Davidson College
  • Chad Topaz, Professor of Mathematics, Williams College

Facilitator: Janet Russell, Director of Academic Technology, Carleton College
Date/Time: Friday, June 1, 9:00am-10:00am
Location: Weitz 236

How is online teaching and learning relevant for small residential liberal arts colleges?

Our institutions are not typically grappling with some of the pressures driving bigger institutions to move online, such as retention, large lecture-based courses, or non-traditional aged students. In fact, LACOL institutions have built part of their identity and brand around close faculty-student interaction in the undergraduate classroom.  Still, faculty across our institutions are experimenting with a variety of ways that online and blended learning can serve our students.

In this panel, three faculty members with hands-on experience teaching online will tell their stories.  How might these insights – and others from across the consortium – help us build a vision for online teaching and learning that aligns with the core mission of our institutions?

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