Call for Proposals – LACOL course sharing framework (2018 – 2021)

Attention Faculty!
2020 Call for Proposals is Open!

Do you have an idea for a digitally shared (hybrid/online) or team taught course?

The Liberal Arts Collaborative for Digital Innovation (LACOL) invites proposals from its members for small grants to fund creative and collaborative projects in the liberal arts. Proposals and accepted and reviewed on a rolling basis.  Areas of particular interest include:

  • Digitally Shared Courses
  • Effective Digital and Inclusive Pedagogies
  • Data Science / Quantitative Skills
  • Language Instruction

Contact your local LACOL Faculty Advisory Council Representative for more information and how to apply.

Or email LACOL to pitch your idea!  [See also: proposal template, budget template]

Background: Exec Summary / Call for Proposals (PDF)

About the Exploration

Sharing courses as a consortium can enhance curricular opportunities for students and faculty, lead to efficiency gains by combining expertise and curricular resources, and provide opportunities for our faculty and students to explore digitally-enhanced, collaborative modes for teaching and learning in the liberal arts.

Based on insights from earlier course sharing pilots, a multi-campus, multidisciplinary LACOL Steering Committee and Course Design Task Force invite exploration of models and techniques for sharing courses digitally across LACOL’s digital network.

While there is not a one-size-fits all approach, there are plenty of proven models and teaching techniques to draw on. Support for shared courses will depend on a thriving network of relationships across faculty, IT, library, and academic support offices.

2020 Shared Courses

2019 Shared Courses

2017 -2018 Shared Course Pilots

Course Sharing for Portuguese (SILP)

In the Fall 2017/Spring 2018, Vassar College and Williams College shared a tutor and teaching resources for their students learning Portuguese via their Self-Instructional Language Programs.

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Upper Level Math/Stats

In Spring and Fall of 2017, several LACOL colleges collaborated to pilot three shared course offerings for advanced mathematics and statistics:

  • Putnam Problem Solving, Spring ‘17 (Prof. S. Miller, WIlliams College)
  • Advanced Real Analysis, Fall ‘17 (Prof. S. Garcia, Pomona College)
  • Bayesian Statistics, Fall ‘17 (Prof. M. Hu, Vassar College)

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Multidisciplinary Advisory Group

This group was convened in January 2018 to advance the course sharing exploration over the course of the spring term.  Based on recommendations from the Math/Stats steering group as a starting point, this group is considering a wider range of opportunities across the disciplines and the policies and processes to support a course sharing agreement and framework.

Steering Committee: Members

Course Design Task Force:

This group was convened in January 2018.  They are charged with developing technical and design guidelines to support robust teaching, learning and student engagement as part of a course sharing framework that may emerge from these deliberations.

Task Force: Members

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