On the Math Fundamentals Program: QS meet-up April 7

On April 7, LACOL QS members are cordially invited to join a one-hour web conference with the leads of the Math Fundamentals (FIPSE) Program, Faculty PI and Professor of Physics Elizabeth McCormack and project management lead Jennifer Spohrer, Manager of Educational Technology Services, both at Bryn Mawr College.

Math Fundamentals is a multi-year, multi-campus initiative investigating the use of blended, just-in-time “sandwich” modules for math review in STEM. The research partners (including LACOL members Bryn Mawr College and Vassar College) are currently field testing several faculty-authored modules in calculus, chemistry and physics.

All LACOL QS group members are welcome to join this session for an overview and behind-the-scenes look at the Math Fundamental Program.   This session intersects with interests of the QS group, especially LACOL’s emerging plans for a QS module collaboration that were kick-started at the QS hack-a-thon at Carleton College in January.

Event: Web conference in Zoom
Title: Conversation about the Math Fundamentals Program
Special Guests: Prof. Elizabeth McCormack & Dr. Jennifer Spohrer, Bryn Mawr College
Audience: LACOL QS working group members
Date: Friday, April 7
Time: 1-2pm Pacific / 3-4pm Central / 4-5pm Eastern

For information on joining the web conference, contact Liz Evans