Live video tagging gives real-time feedback to Pomona’s water polo student-athletes

Coach Alex La

Alex La, Interim Head Coach for the Pomona-Pitzer Men’s Water Polo and Women’s Water Polo programs, is regularly capturing matches on video, tagging clips immediately as the game is live and after as well for more in depth tagging. With tagging live, Pomona has been able to show athletes immediately after matches what occurred during the game more intelligently by showing them clips of specific scenarios. Alex and the coaching staff can also use the equipment, through editing, to create movies of specific themes (offense, defense, power-plays etc.) to instruct team members, provide visual aids, and cite specific examples for the student-athletes to learn from and engage with.

Coach La says:
We have gone so specific that each coach now coaches video by position.  We give our staff all plays by certain players and they can sit down and watch clips pertinent to the student athletes role on the team.  The coaches want to provide immediate feedback to the athletes in real time to promote learning and potentially a stronger association with this learning and recent outcomes.
Pomona Water Polo
View of screen for live-tagging student athletes in water polo matches
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