Language Skills Diagnostic Dashboard: 2018 Faculty Workshop and Pilot for French

C. Born, Carleton College, presents at ELI in Jan 2018
C. Born, Carleton College, presenting at ELI
Jan 2018

To advance the LACOL Language Skills Diagnostic Dashboard Framework, a three-day hands on-workshop will be held in spring 2018 at Swarthmore College, leading to a pilot study of the emerging prototype in French.  

The workshop and pilot are the next step in a sequence that began with the Language Skills Hack-a-thon at Swarthmore College in May 2017 and the Dashboard Prototype Technical Workshop at Carleton College in October 2017.  With groundwork laid at these previous events, the team is well positioned to put forward a working prototype in French that can be piloted with faculty and students for placement and advising in the summer/fall of 2018.

When together in person, Faculty and Technologists will review, revise and finalize the working prototype of a Diagnostic Quiz and Visual Data Dashboard for French that can be piloted with students.   

Major focus will be on:

  • Assessing shared question bank questions to ensure they cover the skills map
  • Evaluating data display options to reach agreement on the content and layout for the dashboard that will be tested in the pilot
  • Forming a plan for to pilot the prototype

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