LACOL 2021 Play and Innovation

Consortium-wide LACOL Workshop
June 21-23 virtually @ Hamilton College

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Hamilton College looks forward to hosting the summer 2021 consortium-wide LACOL, June 21-23, 2021.  With “Play and Innovation” as the official 2021 theme, this summer gathering will bring together faculty, technologists, research librarians, academic support specialists, and other educators and students for collaborative exchange and playful discussion.

Some of the topics will be: the LACOL 2020 Data Science course, learning from/about 2020 hybrid and remote learning modalities, new campus innovations, (mis)adventures of teaching and learning in 2020, latest LACOL projects, digital ‘play’ in the 21st Century, and the achievements and adventures in the liberal arts. LACOL 2021:“Play and Innovation” offers the opportunity to connect with new colleagues, reacquaint with friends, and engage directly with play.

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Hamilton 2021 LITS Workshop Committee:

  • Nhora Serrano, Committee Chair; Associate Director for Digital Learning and Research
  • Beth Bohstedt, ‎Director, Learning & Research Services
  • Luigi Nicastro, VR/AR Immersive Technology Developer/Programmer
  • Ben Salzman, Instructional Designer, Digital Media and 3D Technology Specialist
  • Kristin Strohmeyer, Research and Community Engagement Librarian
  • Alex Wohnsen, Research Librarian, Teaching & Learning Initiatives
  • Ahra Wu, Data Science/Analysis Research Librarian