Building the Campus of the Future: EDUCAUSE-HP Research Project

Hamilton College is pleased to announce its participation in the Building the Campus of the Future: 3D Technologies in Academe EDUCAUSE/HP research project. This exciting initiative seeks to identify the 3D modalities that hold the greatest potential to result in improvements in learning and research outcomes, as well as enhancements of student engagement, faculty satisfaction and other qualitative metrics. The Research & Instructional Design Team (Library & IT Services) will be leading the initiative at Hamilton.

Fellow partners in the project involve an international set of leading institutions including Brown University, Case Western University, Dartmouth College, Duke Medical School, Florida International University, Galludet University, Harvard Graduate School of Education, Center for Research and Interdiscplinarity, Lehigh University, MIT, Princeton, Stanford University Design School, Syracuse University Newhouse, Glasgow School of Art, University of San Diego, and Yale University.  

Participating institutions are expected to utilize provided technologies (which include an HP Sprout G2, HP Workstation, HP Dreamcolor Monitor, VIVE, HP 3D Structured Light Scanner ProS3, and HP Automatic  Turntable) to conduct an active exploration of 3D technologies in teaching, learning, and research. Hamilton’s team will be working to develop the following projects over the coming year (more details to be announced soon!):

  • Unpacking My Library: The Book in Augmented Reality (Andrew Rippeon,  Literature & Creative Writing)
  • Dream a Little Dream: Virtual Realities and Literature (Nhora Serrano, Literature & Creative Writing)
  • The GeoSciences 3D Scanning Project (David Bailey, GeoSciences)
  • Exploring Sound Design and Musical Composition with Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality (Sam Pellman, Music)
  • Best Practices for Bringing 3D Technologies Into the Classroom (Research & Instructional Design Team)