Webinar: Data Science on ramps and scaffolds (Nov 9)

Event: Data Science: On ramps and scaffolds
Location: ZOOM web conference
Date: Friday, November 9
 1:00-2:00pm Eastern
Discussion Leads: 
⇒ Ming-Wen An, Assoc. Professor of Statistics, Vassar College
⇒ Ella Foster-Molina, Teaching Associate, Quantitative Skills Laboratory, Swarthmore College


Related Event: Envisioning a “What is data science?” webinar for students (Oct 1, 2018)

Description: Following on from the lively July webinar focused on the NAS Data Science for Undergraduates report (nap.edu/25104), LACOL DS+ members are invited to join a follow up webinar .

In this November webinar, participants will discuss the “on ramps and scaffolds” that can guide students (majors and non-majors) so they don’t feel “thrown in the deep end of the pool” as they encounter data science in various ways.  Discussion points may include faculty strategies in the physical/virtual classroom, along with support students get from learning assistance teams, e. g. library data teams, tutoring centers, staff and peer mentors, etc.  As a starting point, the group may wish to consider a Matrix of Data Science On Ramps and Scaffolds, drawn from the NAS Data Science for Undergraduates report discussed in July.  Examining this grid may help  identify gaps in the scaffolding that may currently exist across our schools – and opportunities to work together on closing the gaps.

In order to generate ideas for learning activities and shared resources that address nodes in the matrix, we ask all participants to submit one activity or assignment that relates to any topic in column B “core elements for DS” in the matrix linked below.


Faculty and academic support specialists interested in data science education across the curriculum are encouraged to join this conversation!

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