Envisioning a “What is data science?” webinar (Oct 1)

Event: Envisioning a “What is data science?” webinar for students
Location: ZOOM web conference (rsvp to eevans@haverford.edu for a meeting invite)
Date: Monday, October 1
 12:00 – 1:00 pm Eastern
Discussion Leads: 
⇒ Deborah Gross, Professor of Chemistry, Carleton College
⇒ Helen White, Assoc. Professor of Chemistry and Environmental Studies, Haverford College

Prework: add your topic ideas HERE

Related Event: Data Science on ramps and scaffolds (Nov 9, 2018)

Description: Following on from the lively July webinar focused on the NAS Data Science for Undergraduates report (nap.edu/25104), LACOL DS+ members are invited to join a follow up webinar.

The October Zoom discussion invited faculty and data science editors to envision a one-hour seminar aimed at students to answer the “what is data science and why should you care” question many may have as they consider data intensive majors. Participants contributed possible topic ideas into a shared google doc as a jumping off point for conversation.  (If you had to explain data science in an hour, what key points would you be sure to include?)

During the DS+ webinar, ideas were explored to develop an outline of what the student webinar might be.  This session relates to the DS+ group’s interest in “on ramps and scaffolds” and in expanding diversity / inclusion for students in data science. 

Student Webinar Concept: A way to introduce students from groups traditionally underrepresented in STEM to what data science is, what training it provides (through courses, minor, major, etc.), and how they can leverage the skills and approaches they would learn to address questions of interest to them. Without being too career-focused, introducing students to the possibilities of the field and where it can be applied (broadly) would be useful and would help potentially attract students. Students don’t necessarily know what DS is. This could help “sell” it. 

Prework: gathering topic ideas/examples in a shared google doc prior to the session from LACOL DS+ members (and colleagues)

Faculty and academic support specialists interested in data science education across the curriculum are encouraged to join this conversation!


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