Web Conference: Active Learning Roundtable

Post-meeting Follow-ups

Resources and Links for Active Learning in STEM from the Jan 15 Discussion (contributed by participants):

Excellent guides to using Peer Instruction/clickers:

Databases with questions for astronomy, biology, CS, chemistry, geosciences, math/stat, physics:


Meeting: Active Learning Classroom Roundtable (Web Conference)

Discussion Leaders:

  • Casey Londergan (Associate Professor of Chemistry, Haverford College)
  • John Dougherty (Associate Professor of Computer Science, Haverford College)

Friday, January 15th, 2016


Professors Londergan and Dougherty have adopted active learning approaches in their classrooms, and they will share their findings with the participants. They will demonstrate what they and their students do before, during, and after the class, and explore the benefits of active learning approaches. They will share the evaluations from their students as well.

Articles related to this discussion:


Since active learning approaches can look different based on discipline, instructional goals, and class size, this session may be most relevant for faculty in STEM fields. However, participants from all disciplines are welcome. This event organized by Haverford IITS is taking place in-person at Haverford College, and is also open via the web conference to interested Tri-College and LACOL consortium members at all campuses. Virtual participants are encouraged to actively engage in the discussion via audio/video or chat.