Working Group on Active & Engaged Reading

LACOL’s working group on Active and Engaged Reading focuses on the role of reading in liberal arts teaching and learning. At liberal arts institutions, we want to meet students where they are and support their ability to read in the variety of ways they will encounter in college. AER is also interested in how different technologies may enable new reading pedagogies through means such as text mining, group annotation or collaborative reading techniques.

Activities and Interests of this group include:

  • Is reading changing for our students in a digital age? If so, how?
  • Regular dialogue on emerging pedagogies for Engaged and Active Reading
  • Technologies for Engaged and Active Reading
Active and Engaged Reading Intranet Home Page:

Exploratory group projects:

  • MULTI-CAMPUS “BIG READ”: collaboration to engage students and alumni in online discussion around a common text
  • COLLABORATIVE COURSE OFFERINGS: designing an online/blended learning experience related to modes and skills of reading for the liberal arts
  • DIGITAL TOOLS FOR READING: curating or building digital tools for scholarly reading

LACOL members survey: If you are faculty or staff at one of the eight LACOL campuses with an interest in joining this group, please complete this SURVEY OF INTEREST (AR) or contact the group lead for more information.

Group Contact: Ron Patkus (Vassar College), hari kumar (Amherst College)

Top photo: A recent banner for Williams Reads