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Working Group on Language Instruction

LACOL’s Language Instruction Working Group focuses on both theory and effective practices for teaching languages and literatures, using the latest networked technologies to enhance the learning experience.

Activities and Interests of this working group include:

  • LESSER TAUGHT LANGUAGE GROUP: Partnering across our member schools to build online or blended course modules for lesser taught languages
  • EFFECTIVE PLACEMENT GROUP: Designing or adapting effective placement toolsCreating bridge/refresher modules
  • DIGITAL STORYTELLING GROUP: Collaboration on storytelling for language instruction, see
  • Exploring online learning communities for language learners (multi-campus cohorts) or peer tutors
  • Opportunity for course development “boot camp” with emphasis on digital/online approaches
Language Instruction Intranet Home:

LACOL members survey: If you are faculty or staff at one of the eight LACOL campuses with an interest in joining this group, please complete this SURVEY OF INTEREST (LI) or contact the group lead for more information.

Group Contact: Liz Evans (