Dialogues on Inclusive Pedagogies and Measuring Complex Domains of Learning

Our schools seek to fostering an engaged, inclusive community of learners as a foundational value of the liberal arts.  A common goal is to measurably enhance the learning of all students by providing a supportive, challenging and engaging environment in the physical and blended classroom.

Investigation into effective practices for access and inclusion takes place across our teaching and learning centers, faculty and administrative committees, offices of access and disability, IT departments and libraries.  There is a growing body of evidence demonstrating the positive effect of inclusive pedagogical techniques on the academic performance of underrepresented students. Our faculty have a major role to play in creating participatory, inclusive learning environments which benefit all students.

A group of LACOL schools interested in exchanging ideas and exploring what works (and what doesn’t) is beginning to plan a series of dialogues.   More information will be shared here soon.