Exploratory Committees: course sharing

Based on insights flowing from the Upper Level Math/Stats and SILP course sharing projects, two steering groups are working in concert to explore models and possibilities for course sharing across the digital network.

Math & Stats Steering Group:

This group is meeting in the fall of 2017 to develop a set of recommendations based on insights gained through the Spring ’16 and Fall ’17 course sharing pilots.  This recommendation will be shared with LACOL’s Advisories and the Multi-Disciplinary Group


  • Prof. Steven Miller (Williams College) 
  • Prof. Stephan Garcia (Pomona College)
  • Prof. Monika Hu (Vassar College) 
  • CIO Barron Koralesky (Williams College)
  • Prof. David Cox (Amherst College) 
  • Prof. Lynne Schofield (Swarthmore) 

Multi-Disciplinary Advisory Group:

This group will be convened in Winter/Spring 2018.  With the recommendation from the Math/Stats group as a starting point, this group will consider a wider range of potential opportunities across the disciplines.


  • TBA

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