About the Consortium

Welcome to the Liberal Arts Consortium for Online Learning (LACOL) web site. Founded in 2014, the Consortium is a partnership of:

Together, we comprise over 19K students and 2.6K faculty.  Through collaboration, we are exploring new models of teaching and learning in the service of residential liberal arts education.

Goals of the Consortium:

  • To provide a framework for creative collaboration between our faculty, staff and students
  • To explore locally inspired, globally connected pedagogies for the liberal arts that will help our current and future students learn and thrive
  • To experiment with technologies that enable deeper engagement between faculty and students in the classroom and online
  • To enrich individual campus curricula, for example, through broader course offerings
  • To create more “porous classrooms” that will draw in diverse student, faculty and other voices through online exchange
  • To offer faculty development opportunities
  • To improve learning outcomes for our residential students

In working towards these goals, teams of faculty, librarians, technologist and academic support specialists are engaged across our digital network.

Together we:

  • Share knowledge, data, expertise and ideas through our website, gatherings and workshops, online forums and colloquia
  • Collaborate on multi-campus projects focused on solving commonly held problems
  • Experiment with new models of student-centered teaching, learning and research
  • Connect with each other to advance our mission as liberal arts colleges

Our interests include – but are not limited to – these four themes: