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LACOL Teaching with Tech ⚡Lightning⚡and (((Thunder))) Round @ Carleton College

Session: Teaching with Tech ⚡Lightning⚡ and (((Thunder))) Round
Moderator: TBA
Date/Time: Thursday, May 31, NOON – 1:30PM Central
Location: Weitz 236

Picking up from last year’s wildly popular 2017 Tech Lightning Round at Vassar, this year’s workshop reatures the THELIGHTNINGROUND followed by ((( THUNDER ))) over lunch on Thursday.

In the lightning round, LACOL faculty and staff are invited to share an idea for a short pitch – JUST FIVE MINUTES EACH – on a digital tool or technique you’re trying in your classroom or online.   Some presenters will share a short video (SEE BELOW) prior to the workshop so that more time can be devoted to discussion – that’s the thunder.

Lightning Round Lineup and Video Gallery

School Lightning Presenter(s)
Amherst College TBA
Bryn Mawr College Jennifer Spohrer, Director of Educational Technology

Online Interactive Resources for Blended Math Fundamentals Review and Psychology Research Methods and Statistics

In 2014, Bryn Mawr College and several partner colleges received grants to support developing online, interactive materials that faculty needed to blend instruction in two areas. The first was a Teagle Foundation Hybrid Learning and the Residential Liberal Arts Experience grant to develop high-quality online interactive learning modules for undergraduate courses in Psychology Research Methods and Statistics. The second was a First in the World grant (P116F140302) from the U.S. Department of Education’s FIPSE program to develop materials for a blended, “just-in-time” approach to helping students review the math skills and concepts needed to succeed in introductory math, science, and engineering courses.

This lightning round presentation will offer a brief overview of the materials faculty developed and field-tested and explain how other faculty can adopt and adapt them for their own uses.

Carleton College Chico Zimmerman, Professor of Classics

Level Up!

Exploring student meta-cognition using the Level Up! plugin for gamification in Moodle.

Dann Hurlburt, Media & Design Specialist

Instructional Videos and the Little Prompter

WATCH: How to Make and Instructional Video (60 seconds – with inline assessment!)


Davidson College Kristen Eshleman, Director of Digital Innovation

Measuring Complex Domains of Learning for the Liberal Arts (with Paul Youngman)

Innovations in assessment can directly address a key challenge for our institutions – demonstrating our value in a time of increasing skepticism about the liberal arts. On April 27, Davidson College and Washington & Lee University hosted a LACOL workshop to explore an assessment tool and method called  Sensemaker that has the potential to manage and account for the complex domains of learning.  Pursuing a research design as a network of allied liberal arts institutions provides evidence at scale while building capacity for experimentation and innovation at each of our institutions.

Hamilton College Ben Salzman, Academic Technologist

Coming Soon

Haverford College  TBA
Pomona College  TBA
Swarthmore College  TBA
Vassar College Monika Hu, Assistant Professor of Statistics

Experiments with Sharing Statistics Classes Online (with Steven Miller)

Baynard Bailey, Academic Technologist

Digital Storytelling by and for Students (Video coming soon.)

Washington & Lee University Paul Youngman, Professor of German & Chair, Digital Humanities Committee

Measuring Complex Domains of Learning for the Liberal Arts (with Kristen Eshleman)

See above.

Williams College Steven Miller, Associate Professor of Mathematics

Experiments with Sharing Math Classes Online (with Monika Hu)